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Welcome to the Inside of my Head
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Ahh.. home at last. TIme for me to kick back and do..NOTHING. yep..too bad i have a ton of homework this weekend. That sucks. this is the first time my b day has been during the week in like 2 or 3 yrs and i have a mountain of homework. I can't fucking relax at all! arg-ness. well gee..look at me. I'm online. this is great. My best friend Kelsey just checked out my journal...she thinks it's...well stupid. ahh... i don't care. i like it.
I seriously think i have an eating disorder where i eat all the time. I mean I know that's far fetched and all b/c people who know me tell me i'm not that big. C'mon. I weigh 145-150 and i;m 5'6". there's something wrong. When i get back home from school... the only thing i think about is what i'll have for a snack before starting homework. Then i eat dinner. AFterwards i feel all fat and disgusting b/c i have eaten like 2 dinners in a day . Don't start thinking i go and make myself throw up. I don't do that. I just think to myself "oh well i'll just try not to eat so much tomorrow" but it never happens. Maybe i just need to excercise more. Yea... that could be it. I wanna have abs. Not all mucho big and shaped like body builders, but slightly defined, you know? ALright my new Birthday resolution is to lose weight by excercising more than just crew practice. yep....there goes the neighborhood. {I'm not looking for pity so please don't start with the "ohyou're not fat" 's. I'm ok..really i promise}
my new favorite song of the moment is Sublime's "What i GOt" it's so good. the lyrics and the beat. It's too bad he died. drugs kill :-(
whew.. i'm amazingly exhausted. I think i'm gonna go because i'm tired and shit. I can't think straight. I'm married to spongebob square pants. He is my sexy sponge-y lover. oh yea..... haha I'm so high. ok well i'll write more later. highness...whooo!! I'm high on life!*********************Peesh-theposerkid

Hey kids who might be reading this. I'm starting this online journal thing because i'm tired of writing this crap down.
Practice this morning was REALLY COLD. OMG! my hands were freezing. i thought i was gonna get frostbite. But thank goodness i didnt :-) THe dock today was solid ice. the wind blew so hard. Lots of people slipped and we almost dropped the 8 boat. that woulda been bad times right there. Jeeze! Practice has been over sinceabout 8AM and my hands are still slightly cold.
My friends Elsie and Randie( I call her that b/c of a skit on Saturday night live. Her real name's Camille) were there this morning. When we're together we're really funny. THe other day we were talking about a "secret" and Elsie got all excited anf started writhing her hands and smiling real big saying "ooh secrets guys! its a secret" or something to that degree. It was pretty funny. I guess you had to be there to fully get why I was laughing though.
Do you ever just randomly think up endings or beginnings of stories? I'm not talking about endings to stories you've already read... but endings of stories you write in your head. I do that sometimes. It only ever happens when i don't have a pen and some paper. That sucks because some of the stuff I think about seems like a really good ending to some story that an author can't think of. Who knows? Maybe I'm thinking other people's thoughts. wow. scaryness. ok ...
wow. My birthday is on Monday and I have a test and a research paper due. Doesn't that suck ass? This kind of thing would only ever happen to me, too. GRRR! Oh well, at least today is shortened classes. I can't wait to go home and sleep. ****************>I feel like learning how to skateboard. My neighbor Andrew and his friends Matt, mike, and Sean all know how to skateboard. They're always outside doing stupid tricks and stuff, but at least they have fun. You know? I think I'll ask them to teach me how. I have skater shoes so i wont have to use my smelly sneakers (eww). Wow. me times i'm guessing. :-)
Well this is all i can possibly think of to write just now. Check back later cuz i might be at a computer in a few hours or so. To any of my friends who are reading my journal thing--"Hi kids. IM me cuz I'm probably online. TTYL." To any of you who are just reading this for no reason whatsoever at all, I say "WHy? I'm sure you have better things to do with your time."
Peesh Out- thePoserKid